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A deposit of £75 is payable upon application, to be refunded only in the event of the application being unsuccessful or the cancellation of the course.

To apply for a place on the course, fill in the online form below.

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Please use the space below to detail any relevant musical experience and, if appropriate, qualifications. Please give the name(s) of any choir(s) you currently sing with. Please also indicate if you wish to apply for a bursary.

Terms and Conditions:

The course fee includes all rehearsals and services, tea before evensong and lunch on Friday. The fee also covers the cost of the music.

In the case of your application being unsuccessful your deposit will, of course, be refunded.

Although every effort will be made to adhere to the published course content, alterations may, under circumstances outside of or within the control of The LMC, have to be made. The LMC reserves the right to do this without notice.

We take our duties in the cathedral very seriously, aiming for a high standard which requires singers to prepare by working hard in rehearsals and by studying the music beforehand.

LMC singers should be competent sight-readers, with voices that blend well in chamber choir. Singers are expected to be able to carry lines without support; if you generally find that you can only sing confidently when surrounded by more able singers, this event may not be for you. We are always happy to discuss entrance requirements with prospective singers prior to application.

Singers are expected to adhere to a simple dress code for the public performances on each course (dark suits and tie for men, black skirts/trousers and white blouses/shirts and optional black cardigans or jackets for women as it may be quite cold in the cathedral.) Only singers who adhere to this dress code will be allowed to participate in the public performances.

Some events may be sound and/or video recorded, photographed or broadcast. Copyright for these will remain exclusively in the possession of The LMC.

These courses are open to all, regardless of personal religious affiliation (or nonaffiliation). Participants need not be communicant members of any church. However, all participants should be able and willing to attend and participate in Christian church services.

Payments (deposits and final payments) are non-refundable, except in the case of the course being cancelled.

Participants should make themselves available from 10.00 am until the end of Evensong on each weekday. Music will be dispatched once final payment has been received. However, singers should expect to be issued with some items such as hymns and psalms during the course itself.

The course director reserves the right to refuse to allow singers who have not, in his opinion, prepared adequately for the course to participate in the services. This right will only be exercised in extreme circumstances.

The course director reserves the right to refuse to allow singers who are, in his opinion, suffering from serious and intractable vocal problems, from participating on the course. This right will only be exercised in extreme circumstances and in this case a full refund will
be given.

Application for a place on any event run by The Liturgical Music Courses will indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions.